Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mickey Mouse and Menstrual Cycles

I would have written about this days ago when it was still news  but I forgot my password and was too lazy to retrieve it. Being the serious journalist that I am though, I have persevered to bring a story that has  the Internet abuzz!

And by abuzz I mean like three blogs I subscribe to in my Google reader had written completely different stories about my second favorite devil worshipping baby eating corporation - Walt Disney Company! The first, of course, being the corporation that I work for. 

First up was our good friends over at Corante, a blog about copyright which I read because I like to violate copyright as much as possible and feel like I should stay up to date on these issues (especially since I'm probably breaking a couple laws just in this entry alone). The article was written by some guy named Alan Wexelblat who is about three whiskers away from being a Geico Caveman:

[Photo Source: MIT Media Lab]
[Photo Source: Celebrity Look-a-likes]

He tells us about how Disney may have lost its rights to early images and productions of Mickey Mouse cartoons so people can soon start going crazy with the images!... until Disney sues their pants off and gets the rights extended of course. But here's hoping that doesn't happen so we can have a Minnie, Mickey, Donald, Daisy, Goofy, Pluto gang bang orgy in our near futures!  

Unfortunately it sounds like Disney's pretty good at holding on to their intellectual property. During high school I entered a fruit roll up Mickey into the edible arts contest. I won nothing. Luckily the evidence was consumed and Michael Eisner  wasn't there or he probably would have bitch slapped me and taken my milk money as unpaid royalties. 

Next up is a TechCrunch telling us about a new database that helps you find Internship Ratings! There's hardly anything in the database but that's besides the point. Public librarians (like I pretend to be) get all hot and bothered  about internships, especially summer internships, for a multitude of reasons. Internships mean less teenagers smelling up the library. Less teenagers means less shushing and less questions about MySpace and Facebook which in turn means even fewer complaints from Old Man Winter who is always moaning about how he wants to check his important emails/fill out his Dollar General application that's due at 4/hit on minors online but can't because the youngin's are hogging up all the computer time. 

Never fear gramps now they'll be hogging up the computers looking for internships and then they'll be semi-productive contributing members to society - freshening up coffee and faxing copies with the best of them! I'd kill for an intern to top off my water bottle ever day...kill!

I bring this up because apparently if you want to be in the Walt Disney College Program the best time to enroll in the Fall. TechCrunch highlights this point, making me think they anti-librarian. So what if it's cooler during the summer and prettier at the park around the holidays? When I think holidays at Disney, I just picture a bunch of Mickey Mouses running all over in Santa hats or pilgrims outfits. Big deal! And so what if you're liable to get heatstroke parading around like Pocahontas?  Welcome to the school of hard knocks!

Summers are about rest and relaxation... for everyone else but the public librarian! School is out and teachers and the little goons they watch over during the year are loosed upon the public library. Screaming babies and baby mamas, cranky old people, schizophrenics and homeless folk all converge to form the perfect three month storm I call summer...

But I digress... I said there were three stories and sure enough I delivered.  BoingBoing also posted a story about a 1946 Disney movie about menstruation. I wonder if the they still have the copyright: 

And there you have it!

- The Gossiping Librarian

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