Friday, September 12, 2008

Election Season Is Upon Us!

When I'm not moonlighting as a public librarian I work at an evil corporation serving the needs of business personnell, engineers, and whatever other word you can think of for geeks. The perks of having sold my soul are that I get paid really well, my patrons all have dental coverage, and my coworkers are competent and capable at doing their jobs. This is not to say that I don't love my public library job - no the stories alone keep me going back. There is no greater joy for me than seeing my ill tempered, borderline illiterate coworkers answering reference questions from deranged toothless street urchins. Hilarity and yelling ensues 24/7. 

But I digress, the reason I mention that at all is because it is officially election season! No, I'm not talking about Donkeys vs. Elephants national elections either - I'm talkin' Special Libraries Association elections! I am a proud SLA member and I voted. Vote early and vote often folks. Rock the vote!  Vote or die! Get your friends registered! This could be the most important election of our generation... until the next one! Insert mocking election voting line here!

My only wish is that there were more mudslinging between the candidates to help spice things up but that, to my disappointment, is not the way of professional associations. Perhaps that's also because, unlike the national elections, all of these candidates are qualified for the positions they're running for.  

I've had the distinct pleasure of meeting one of the SLA presidential candidates, Anne Caputo. She's a delightful woman with a twisted sense of humor and an outgoing personality. I remember her saying she was at a board meeting for Factiva and they were discussing who they wanted their users to be to. She replied, "A man in a business suit wearing red lacy panties." Anne, you had me at gender bending! She's got a wild side which I love and appreciate which by no means comes through in her rather tame, boring SLA video interview. If she gets elected I'm sure she will add much needed creativity and spunk to the organization. Either way I'll make fun of her. 

As for the other slots, I carefully deliberated over each candidate's statement scrutinizing every detail and researching their backgrounds so I could make an educated voting decision. By that I mean I looked at their picture then looked at their job title and eliminated them based  off of how funny they looked or how boring their job sounded. 

Sorry Holly Chong-Williams you never stood a chance...looking like a cabbage patch kid and working for USPTO! 
[Photo Source: SLA Website]

Daniel Lee, however, is a hot piece of homosexual and instantly got my vote! Of course now every time I look at his photo his forehead gets a little bigger. Observe here he is with Bear Daddy Richard Huffine: 
[Photo Source: GLitter BiTs]

If he wanted to make out with me I wouldn't say no, I'd just make him wear a hat. 

If you haven't voted yet go go go!

Or don't see if I care. 

- The Gossiping Librarian

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